Alexandra Dodds Jewellery Studio & Showroom Sydney NSW

“My work is very process based & experimental, each piece often influencing the next. I often start by imitating geological shapes, eroded textures & organic forms from the natural world, but like to embrace the unintentional textures that form while working directly with the materials- be that the way the carving wax melts or cracks, a file mark or finger print… I love the way these little details reference the sculptural process and the hands of the maker once immortalised in metal”.

Alexandra Dodds is a New Zealand jewellery designer trained in Fine Arts. Her fascination with the geometries, shapes and textures of the natural world combined with her experimental artistry, has led her to create a sculptural collection of precious jewels. Originally self-taught in jewellery, she has refined her practice through extensive experimentation and further training in metalsmithing, casting & stone setting- utilising traditional techniques in a contemporary way. 

Each piece is made to order in one-off or limited editions; designed, sculpted and finished by hand in her Chippendale studio. In addition to her collections which are available in boutiques in New Zealand and Australia, Alexandra offers a bespoke jewellery service working directly with clients locally and internationally to create one-off engagement rings, wedding rings and special occasion pieces.