What's the difference between a bespoke and a custom jewellery project?

Bespoke Orders are one off unique pieces created just for you. These can sometimes be inspired by existing designs but may require a more in depth process of stone sourcing, or altering the shape or size of the design. A lot of extra time and care is put into each bespoke project so I have limited availability each month & there may be a waiting period before I can begin any new projects.

Custom orders are generally small alterations, or customisations made to existing designs- such as simply changing the metal or gemstone colour.

How do I start the bespoke or custom piece process?

Bespoke projects start with an initial consultation either in person, by phone or email to discuss your ideas & budget. Start by filling in the Bespoke Jewellery Enquiry form, send an email or get in touch to make an appointment at the studio.

How much do bespoke pieces cost?

There is a minimum cost of $600.00 for items in silver. 9ct gold starts from $1200.00, and 18ct $2000.00.

Price will vary depending on the design, complexity & materials. You can set the budget, and the piece can be designed and materials selected to suit.

If you simply want to make a minor modifications by customising as existing design (eg, different stone colour, metal) this will be a lot more cost effective.

How long do custom pieces take?

6 - 12 weeks (not including waitlist times if we are currently fully booked). If you have a date that you would like your custom piece made by, please let me know and I will try my best to work to your schedule.

Rush orders for urgent projects may be possible by request for an additional fee- please email for details.

Do you remodel other jewellery, or can I supply my own materials?

Gemstones & diamonds- yes. Metals- no.

I am happy to use your own gems & diamonds, or repurpose gemstones out of existing jewellery. Gemstones will need to be inspected in my studio to make sure they are in a suitable condition to use.

I am not able to reuse or ‘melt down’ customers gold in my pieces. This is because the casting process I use requires a special casting alloy to create a successful & good quality cast. Customers gold may include unknown metals or solders which can result in a poor quality cast. Precious metals may sometimes be traded in for a credit towards a custom piece- this would require the gold being accessed and weighed in the studio.

Do you work with overseas clients?

Yes, I work with lots of international clients. Meetings can be scheduled over the phone or skype if required. I will keep you well informed with every step of the process via photos and videos. I can also courier your jewellery piece anywhere in the world, safely & insured.

How do I find the correct ring size if I am purchasing a ring as a gift?

If you are able to measure the inside diameter of a ring they currently wear to the nearest mm, or take it to a jeweller to find out the size, this will help to get a good estimate of the ring size. Rings can be resized after purchase no problem, but it’s good to get as close to the size as possible.
I know it can be a challenge to guess the exact correct size while keeping it a surprise, therefore I offer one free resize of bespoke pieces purchased as gifts. Resizing may incur a fee if we need to add more metal to the piece or if the ring size is +/- 1 full ring size.

Can I change or cancel my bespoke order?

Custom pieces are designed & made especially for you, based on your specifications. Once an order has been agreed upon, deposit paid and production has begun, custom orders can not be cancelled & deposits are strictly non-refundable.

Sometimes small alterations (eg, band thickness, adding texture) are possible during the wax carving process. Any significant changes to the design once production has begun will incur additional labour costs or may be re-quoted. You will always be notified of any additional costs before proceeding.
Bespoke orders may not be exchanged or returned after delivery.